Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Photoshoot for my friend's Project

Bebe Man

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Thank you :)


Helloooo Guyss
How are youu
Sorry just had time to blog again ! :D

Okay,don't worry..I'll be more active to blog ! Thanks God until now !
I really addicted to fashion right now ! And yet have so many busy activities to do ! :(
Hmm..I don't really know which way i should choose but really, i have to choose one !
Hopefully,everything can be solved !
Yes it will be solved !
God Bless

Yos Steven

Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Teaser of my Latest Photoshoot

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Have a nice day guys ! :D

Tops : Baleno Shirt
Jacket : Leather Jacket (From China)
Pants : Nudie Jeans
Shoes : Fred Perry
Watch : Swiss Army

Hangout to Senayan City,Jakarta (Photos Version)

Hangout to Senayan City,Jakarta

Hellooo Guysssssssssssssssssss,Long time no seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Oh my I miss blogging so much..Thanks God,i can update it now ! :D:D
Okay,not to make it long..I'll just tell you what's up with it guys !

I Hangout with my Friends,Good Friends,They are Nensi,Vivi,and Willy :D
I had blast and it's really fun to hang out with them..
I were really suprised when i get there,because i never know that there is a Mall like this in Jakarta..it's big and full of Glamouristic Things,Branded things,and so more ! XDXD
I'll upload the photos version of this topic soon,so...Stay Cool guys and visit this page often
Thank you ~


-Yos Steven-

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

BNEC Sharing Photos - Thank you BNEC

Theme of BNEC Feb 2012-THANK YOU BNEC

Hi Guysssssssssssssssssss...
MISS YOU all so much~!!!!
OH MY !! I miss blogging so much !! Thanks God giving me time again for updating my blog
OKAY as the topic said ! it's about the theme this month,February of my Organization..
It's about BNEC (Bina Nusantara English Club)

Dear BNEC,

Thank you so much..I learned so many last year and until now,I have gained so many experiences since my day taking precourse in Binus University!!! That's not just all..I also know how to handle events,being part of organization,learning the structure,meeting,network,attitudes,Formal,ETC !!! SO MANY !!
After this post,please ENJOY the photos sharing of mine ! about BNEC !


Rabu, 28 Desember 2011


Starbucks Chapter

Well,Guys..In this December before the Christmas Holiday,i did attend the Seminar from Starbucks @ Auditorium Binus University !
And these are What i Got from 'IT' ! Thanks for the Question,Sir..
'Where is Starbucks opened first in Medan ?' And I shouted "SUN PLAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'"
lol :d